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About Us

Multigeneration familyMerriam Webster dictionary defines Springtime (n) as

  1. The season of spring
  2. Youth (the time of life when one is young; especially: the period between childhood and maturity)
  3. An early or flourishing stage of development

The name Springtime encompasses our philosophy to be enthusiastically springing into each new phase of life and embracing the beginning of every new phase of health and springing back into motion and action.

Springtime Health and Wellness is a clinic devoted to serving Madison and the surrounding communities. We are here to promote health and a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of your health status, we will work with you to help maximize your potential in your wellness journey.

All Ages and Walks of Life Welcome

We welcome everyone at our office. We have different services for people of all ages. Some of our services focus on athletes, children and expectant mothers. We are the only chiropractic clinic in the area that is dually certified in sports care and pediatric care. Dr. Jamie Lenz has a strong background in caring for athletes of all levels. As a mother of five, she has witnessed the incredible effects chiropractic can have on children and enjoys seeing all ages of kids. Dr Lenz and her team are also very accomplished with helping patients who have neuropathy.

Patients report tremendous relief of their neuropathy symptoms after undergoing treatment at Springtime. The medical providers at Springtime are experienced with treating the symptoms of arthritis, painful joints, chronic pain and other common symptoms that spring up as we enter new chapters in our life.

Schedule Your First Appointment With Us

We provide several different services such as: chiropractic care, neuropathy treatments, neuromusculoskeletal complaints, and regenerative medicine (platelet-rich plasma). Contact us today to schedule your first appointment! From our thorough consultation process, you’ll learn what we recommend to put the spring back in your step.

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