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Yoga at Springtime Health and Wellness

person doing yoga poseIf you have ever wanted to improve your flexibility, heal your body, mind, and even your soul, yoga may be the perfect thing for you to try. At Springtime Health and Wellness, our certified yoga instructor and massage therapist, Taylor, is proud to offer focused yoga for people of all walks of life.

Our yoga classes always promise to honor your specific needs and body whether you have done zero or 1,000 classes before!

How Yoga Can Benefit You

Taylor sees yoga as a wonderful synergistic therapy that compliments the body in many ways—if you receive chiropractic adjustments with us, you might find that as your strength and flexibility improves, you hold your adjustments longer.

Yoga also works to:

  • Keep the body and muscular system limber
  • Improve breathwork
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Improve overall wellness

Our classes are designed with you in mind and are accessible for patients of all ages and stages of life to try. During practice, we’ll honor your body and discuss your goals so that you can make the most of your time with us—not to mention, you’ll learn a few things that you can take home and practice at any time to work on your wellness.

A Variety of Classes

We are proud to offer three different classes at Springtime Health and Wellness. Here is a bit more about each one so that you can decide which sounds best for you.

  • Chair Yoga: For people with limitations in their movement or who would like to work on improving balance, this is an excellent class to try. We describe it as the perfect beginner class for people who may have never given yoga a try—especially seniors. Classes are 60 minutes long and focused on physical meditation and relaxation. Chairs are provided.
  • Hawtha Yoga: This class is an excellent introduction to basic yoga taking place over a six-week progression. We start with the basic concepts of yoga and build toward a higher level to give individuals an idea of traditional practice. Classes are 60 minutes and ideal for anyone—people with balance issues may find this class a bit strenuous, but modifications to poses can always be made. Blocks and yoga straps will be provided.
  • Basic Movement Class: For more experienced yogis, this 75-minute class is pose-based with constant movement and breaks for meditation. We welcome all ages to give this fast-paced class a try. Bring your yoga mat and water!

Learn More Today

We would love to help you explore the benefits of natural yoga and how it can help you achieve your goals. Get started today when you contact us to book your first class—we cannot wait to welcome you into the practice. Learn more today!

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