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Integrated Medical Care

Checking backA medical provider is part of a team of licensed healthcare providers at Springtime Health and Wellness who will collaborate with each other to determine the best customized care plan for you. Instead of having the expertise of only one provider, each patient will benefit from a team approach to their healthcare needs. It is a unique, multifaceted approach to healthcare to provide an exemplary level of care. Our goal is to use non-invasive and advanced medical services combined with proven rehabilitation techniques and chiropractic care to treat each person as a whole, rather than only dealing with providing symptom relief. Our integrative approach to care is distinct from that of a primary medical care provider, with a more specific focus.

adjusting tableChiropractic Care

A chiropractor is one of the best manual therapy doctors you can find today. Not many physicians do what we do. Dr. Lenz’s goal is to help your body heal itself through natural means. You are your own best healer. It’s our role to try to assist you in doing what your body already knows how to do.

Our hands-on, noninvasive approach is designed to get your body functioning at a higher level by focusing on the nervous system. When your nervous system works optimally, you can have higher energy and an improved range of motion. We address your nervous system by correcting areas of misalignment in your spine and extremities. We look at where your body is not functioning well and work to restore it to its natural state of ease.

Varied Techniques to Cater to Your Needs

These misalignments are also called subluxations. They cause a restriction in your nerve and blood flow. To make the necessary corrections, Dr. Lenz has a variety of techniques to use:

Diversified. Most patients can benefit from this technique. We’ll take a biomechanical approach to your body to make sure you can use more freely. The amount of force used depends on the patient. It’s ideal for athletes and other people who want to increase their movement.

Sacro Occipital Technique®. Blocks are used to provide a gentler touch. It’s effective for people with osteoporosis and others who need a softer technique.

Activator®. An instrument-based adjustment can achieve the same effects as our hands-on methods. A light thrust from the instrument will make the necessary corrections.

Additionally, Dr. Lenz may utilize Logan Basic and a Thompson Drop table. She’ll do any muscle work that can help you respond quickly. This may include active release techniques or Graston Techniques. We want to make sure that you get better as fast as you can in the shortest possible period.

Feeling Comfortable

A licensed healthcare provider will discuss every part of your treatment plan and provide education about the benefits for each service recommended for you before getting started. If you feel uncertain, you are welcome to ask questions and get comfortable with each step before continuing with care. A gradual approach is often a great way to begin any new endeavor. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of your care plan.

Experience the many benefits of integrated health care for yourself. Contact Springtime Health and Wellness today to schedule your first visit!

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