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Pediatric Chiropractic in Madison

Baby feetWhen your baby is first born, their spine has just one curve. In the first year of life, the spine develops four more! As their body transitions, chiropractic can make sure that they grow and develop with no restrictions.

Accidents happen. Your baby might have had a trauma like falling off the bed or changing table. Maybe their older sibling gets a bit rough with them. As they learn to walk, their tailbone takes the force of quite a few falls. Our goal is to make sure there is no interference in the spine so that your child’s body can work the best it can.

The Signs of Needing Help

Kids are always trying to tell us something when they’re upset. It’s their way of communicating since they can’t speak like an adult can. If your child is crabby, not eating well, has diarrhea or constipation or may have colic, it’s a sign that they may benefit from chiropractic. These symptoms all say that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

There doesn’t have to be symptoms present for your child to benefit from chiropractic, however. Dr. Lenz can ensure their nervous system functions as it should. As a mother of five children, she has seen the powerful impact chiropractic has on a baby or child. None of her kids have had ear infections and other “typical” childhood issues. After a fall or other trauma, they will ask to be checked by Dr. Lenz!


Is adjusting a child the same as adjusting an adult?

In short, no. The amount of pressure a child needs to be adjusted is extremely light. Think of the touch you use to test out whether a tomato is ripe. Their muscles aren’t thick like adults, and gentle, sustained pressure is all they need.

Can’t a child bounce back from an injury without needing much help?

A child can hide their symptoms for a long time, particularly before they’re able to speak. That’s why we recommend you have your kids checked whether or not you notice a problem.

Can you help ear infections?

The Eustachian tubes are in a horizontal position for the first year of your child’s life. They begin to angle as your child gets older. If the upper part of their neck is misaligned, fluid will flow back into their ear. By making a correction to their neck, the fluid can drain as it should. We’ve found it makes a tremendous difference for kids who suffer from ear infections.

How long will it take for my child to start getting better?

A child will respond remarkably quickly to chiropractic. An adult’s problem has likely been present for years or even decades. With kids, they haven’t had their issue as long, so they will get better fast.

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Let’s make sure your family is as healthy as possible. Contact us today to schedule your or your child for an appointment for pediatric chiropractic care in Madison!

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